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Link Tours has in a small way, undertaken to improve the environment by offsetting its carbon dioxide emissions through Greenfleet. The vehicles we utilize on tours (trains, coaches, cars) all produce high levels of greenhouse gases and we’d like to do something positive about reducing our impact on global warming and climate change.

Our involvement will help to restore the landscape and provide habitat for native wildlife, tackle salinity and soil erosion as well as improving water quality through the planting of native trees. The trees will help to create a forest which as they grow, will absorb the greenhouse gases that our vehicles produce in one year. We see these simple initiatives as our small way to try and make a difference.

Additionally, we have switched from a traditional energy provider to GreenPower. The switch offers us the opportunity to reduce polluting greenhouse gas emissions and to drive demand for electricity made from renewable sources such as solar, wind and organic matter (biomass).


  for more information email or phone +61 3 9699 8422